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A little bit about me

My name is Ineke van Eden and I am a ceramics artist.

I'm a member of the Kunstlijn Haarlem and the ceramist collective XeramiX.

This site contains some of the work I have made and related information.

Short Biography

My work can be typified as playful, cheerful and colourful. I'm inspired by everyday things that speak to my imagination. I try to convert the picture that emerges into clay. I use turning and hand building techniques and my preference is to work with white chamotte clay, finishing the work with colored slips and glazes. My work tends to bring a smile to people’s faces, which is exactly the intention, a light moment in our often so serious life.

I grew up in the Netherlands, but later lived in various places around the world. My love of ceramics emerged during an evening course I followed in The Hague in the early nineties. When I moved to London and later Aberdeen, I continued to attend courses and developed into an independent ceramist. During my stay in Oman, I was fortunate to be able to exhibit regularly. I also taught at the 'Arts Centre' in Muscat.

Back in the Netherlands, I completed the 3 year Ceramics course at the SBB Gouda school, followed by two additional years of study in turning and hand building. Besides my work as a ceramist, I'm working in a ceramics workshop for people with a mental disability. I lives in Heemstede, am married and have three children.

I'm a graduate of SBB Gouda, where I attended the following courses:

2009 - 2012 Ambachtelijke Opleiding Keramische Technieken
2012 - 2013 Extra leerjaar Draaien
2013 - 2014  Extra leerjaar Handvormen 
2014 - 2015 Extra leerjaar Speciale Draaitechnieken, Durf te Draaien



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